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Good Reason to Clean

Posted by Sandy on September 27, 2011 at 8:40 AM

There's nothing like knowing that a bunch of people you don't know very well will be in your house to make you want to clean.


We hosted our son's Homecoming Pictures last weekend, survived, and lived to tell about it. Well, it actually was a lot of fun, but I think other moms might understand what I'm talking about. And, I think I have come a long way as the years have passed, in my approach and attitude towards these things. I had a plan. I had an organized list of things to do, sort of. I did not panic.


It helped immensely that a lot of the clutter was gone from the first floor. I do still have a couple of rooms in the house that I struggle with, but I have been able to keep the first floor fairly decent so that if people were to drop in unexpectedly, I could invite them in without feeling embarrassed. That helped a lot. Because of this, I was able to see little things like marks on the walls, spider webs in the corners (it's been a bad summer for spiders this year, even the newspaper said so), and spots on the carpets. Nick washed all the windows recently, so we actually had sparkly windows. That was nice. And because I wasn't feeling too overwhelmed, I wasn't screaming at the family. All good things.


Anyway, we had about thirty people in my living room. There was a moment or two of feeling overwhelmed with the number of bodies, but one just has to let that feeling go. We had some classic moments, too. At one point, my husband started shoving furniture back to make room for the group to pose, and all the animal hair collecting underneath the couch became obvious. I heard someone yell, I'm sure it was me, "push it back!".


I wonder when it was last vacuumed under? Probably not in my lifetime!


We got some good pictures. Some parents stayed for awhile to drink wine and chat. I think the evening was a success. And, I wonder if I'll remember to vacuum under the furniture before the next large gathering. Probably not.

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